Recently I saw an ad from a high end book review and editing company on Facebook. This ad’s deceptive flavor needs to clarified for all those who gravitate to its contents. Flowing with claims it will miraculously help authors have their books placed on the New York Times best seller and other relevant lists is just plain false. Few books make it to this list and the way sales are calculated for this list is questionable. Yet the unnamed high end book review site’s fees are double and even triple charged by those with equivalent and or higher levels of experience for reviewing, proofreading and editing. In my opinion be wary of book review sites with flashy pictures and questionable written content. provides an excellent service at markedly reduced fees. With more than a decade of experience in proofreading and writing book reviews/critiques the author obtains exceptional service, promptly completed at  much reduced rates than those from the giants. An additional bonus, for no extra charge, the review is published on multiple internet sites for maximum audience exposure. Please review samples of this work on one of our webs sites, We work for authors who work for their readers. Please contact Mark Davis, MD for fees or questions.


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