Before purchasing flash cards, antiquated books, irrelevant lecture series and other SPEX support systems check with a tutor who has inner workings of this unfair and complex test. Many of our best physicians have taken this test and failed. Failure rates are a closely guarded secret yet it is known physicians have taken this test multiple times and continued to fail. Mark Davis MD has interacted with many who have taken this extensive exam. Dr. Davis can steer a potential examinee in the right direction in his/her studies. Study paraphernalia could be a waste of study time because they can misdirect the efforts of those who purchase such materials. Dr. Davis has tutored an array of people by providing to them type of question content to expect, subject matter to direct the examinees efforts and overall content of this exam. Medical Boards and the Federation of State Boards do not provide much information to help potential examinees. In many cases Medical Boards do not provide any information relevant to this exam.
Dr. Mark Davis is available to help with your studies and guide you towards a passing grade. Please contact Dr. Davis at: platomd@gmail.com

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