Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is an exam forced on physicians who have been out of practice for a defined period of time. This exam is also given to physicians when their fund of knowledge comes into question. Boards of Medicine provide minimal direction in the contents of this exam. The Federation of State Medical Boards, the creator of the SPEX, does not provide much assistance to help potential examinees pass this test. Therefore, it is up to the physician to seek help to prepare for this very unfair exam. Many aspects of this exam’s contents reflect back to our medical school training decades ago. Books on the market are generally antiquated or do not represent the exam’s true contents. With the latter stated this was Dr. Davis’ rationale to create a concise course to help those confronting this exam to have an improved chance of receiving a passing grade.

Failing the SPEX test two, three or more times is common. Physicians contact Dr. Davis frequently to help them raise their level of awareness to this unfair test’s contents. Though the Federation of State Boards changes this test’s format frequently, its core contents remain the same. More than 12 medical subjects are represented with questions that challenge the examinee’s intellect and memory. Certain styles of questions are presented which an examinee would never expect to see on this exam. This course covers areas most important to the test taker and provides an extensive overview of this exam prior to the examinee sitting for it.

Dr. Mark Davis is intimately familiar with the Special Purpose Examination having mentored numerous physicians towards a passing grade. Dr. Davis has accrued his knowledge of the SPEX by interactions with many who have taken this test and direct inspection of the exam’s contents. Do not go blind into this exam.

The fee is 199 dollars for this course, which is approximately 2 hours in length. Scheduling can be done by contacting the email site: platomd@gmail.com Thank you. Mark Davis, MD



Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) was created to test for skills from those out of practice for years or from those whose competency is in doubt. In reality this exams fails its own test because it neither reflects current practice modes in its 336 questions nor does it test for competency in the practitioner’s specialty field. Written by a politically active organization, the Federation of State Medical Boards, you pay an outrageous fee to take an exam designed to fail. No one knows how examinees fail every year. Yet we do know that many examinees fail 2, 3 or even more times. A SPEX tutor, who has firsthand knowledge of question types and contents should be your initial stop to help guide you to pass this complex and very unfair examination. Please contact Dr. Mark Davis who tutors this exam. Widely respected for the help he has given many physicians, Dr. Davis is here to help you.

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SPEX Questions ask a Tutor who knows the Special Purpose Examination




Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is complex, difficult and unfair to those required to take it. Many people who contact me have already been in practice for decades when their respective medical boards issue them an order to take the SPEX. State Medical Board’s provide little to no information on this test. Federation of States Medical Boards does a very poor job in their literature describing this extensive test. Books on the market are generally antiquated and not in tune with the 336 questions on this exam. Going into this exam without guidance has been to the detriment of many physicians.  Failure rate is very high with many candidates taking this exam  multiple times. Hire a tutor who knows this test through the feedback he receives and his intrinsic knowledge of this exam. To contact Mark Davis, MD:


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SPEX is Revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses

SPEX is revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses

Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is a test constructed in hell to punish physicians who were either forced from practice or allowed their licenses to lapse. Constructed by the politically active Federation of State Medical Boards, this test’s contents covers more than a dozen subjects. Federation officials claim general medical reading should allow one to sit for this test and pass, untrue. The failure rate is extremely high with many examinees taking this test two, three or more times. Medical Boards provide no insights or preparation to enable physicians to pass this strenuous examination. Literature provided by the Federation concerning SPEX is misleading and provides minimal help to the potential examinee. Books, pamphlets and test question material on the market are out of date, as most physician find out after their first failing grade. This is where a SPEX tutor/mentor is very helpful.

SPEX tutors/mentors can guide the potential examinee in their studies, both by reviewing question content and current test subject matter. Studying for this exam takes much effort and preparation time. With the help of a SPEX tutor/mentor, such as the author of this article, those efforts will move in the proper direction. Looking for help to prepare for this arduous exam please contact Dr. Mark Davis, MD who has helped many physicians in their quest to pass SPEX.

Dr. Davis can be reached at: platomd@gmail.com Dr. Davis fee is charged out by the hour and well worth the expense, as expressed by SPEX examinees who utilized his services.

SPEX Course: Concentrating on Questions, Answers and Content

SPEX Course: Concentrating on Questions, Answers and Content

One of the most difficult and unfair exams a physician will ever be requested to take is the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX). State Boards’ of Physicians request this exam when a physician has been away from practice for a time period and or there is a question of competency. The spread of information is so vast that comprehending the complete subject matters involved in the exam’s questions is nearly insurmountable.

Literature published by the Federation of State Medical Boards, the originator of this unfair test, is elusive at best. Books sold on the open market are generally antiquated or out of sync with the current exam. Therefore a course was needed to concentrate on potential questions offered, answers to the questions and general content the test taker may encounter.

Passing the exam is possible with proper preparation and guidance. Doctor Mark Davis tutors specifically in the Special Purpose Exam. His experience with numerous physicians who have encountered the SPEX test is invaluable when applied to tutoring future examinees.

To contact Dr. Mark Davis for an appointment, fees or general questions please use the following email: platomd@gmail.com Do not enter this exam without knowledge of its contents which Dr. Davis can provide to you. Thanks.







Amazon has removed my reviews of SPEX test and USMLE part 3 books. These books were either owned by me and or I have familiarity with. The reviews removed informed potential readers of the negatives and positives embodied in each of these books. Many were out date or their contents were far removed from that of the current test. Perhaps this is the reason for the high failure rate. As a result of purging my reviews many phony reviews are present giving them 5 star ratings. In the event you are preparing for the Special Purpose Exam (SPEX) there is very little guidance given by these books or other sources. As a SPEX tutor I was attempting to help potential test takers which direction they should take for their studies. I have had contact with an array of people who have taken this exam over the years which has allowed me to accumulate a significant fund of knowledge concerning the SPEX.


Please contact this SPEX tutor who can put you in the right direction to achieve a passing grade the first time around. Contact Mark Davis MD, platomd@gmail.com or 410-515-7858. My fees are low and my experience very high.