Amazon has removed my reviews of SPEX test and USMLE part 3 books. These books were either owned by me and or I have familiarity with. The reviews removed informed potential readers of the negatives and positives embodied in each of these books. Many were out date or their contents were far removed from that of the current test. Perhaps this is the reason for the high failure rate. As a result of purging my reviews many phony reviews are present giving them 5 star ratings. In the event you are preparing for the Special Purpose Exam (SPEX) there is very little guidance given by these books or other sources. As a SPEX tutor I was attempting to help potential test takers which direction they should take for their studies. I have had contact with an array of people who have taken this exam over the years which has allowed me to accumulate a significant fund of knowledge concerning the SPEX.


Please contact this SPEX tutor who can put you in the right direction to achieve a passing grade the first time around. Contact Mark Davis MD, platomd@gmail.com or 410-515-7858. My fees are low and my experience very high.






Failure rates for the Special Purpose Exam (SPEX) are extremely high. Federation of State Medical Boards provides vague literature concerning this exam. There are topics on this test not apparent when reading Federation literature. State medical boards, who require this exam, provide minimal to no information about the contents of this difficult exam. As a SPEX test tutor I provide content which has been seen on recent exams. Those tutored are directed to certain topic materials which have shown up in the last few years. In addition I discuss various pieces of literature which could move the physician in the direction of a passing grade. Contact Mark Davis MD at platomd@gmail.com or 410-515-7858 to make a tutorial appointment. Fees are reasonable and worth the cost.

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White House is no longer in control by the Democrats. The fumigation process started immediately after Donald Trump took office. Sadly the residual stench of the Obama Administration remains strong. In the last few weeks Obama operatives have seriously attempted a “benign” Coup d’etat against the current leader of the Free World. Their actions are obvious, direct and appear very clumsy. A deficient media supplements these efforts denigrating President Trump whenever there is an opportunity. With revelations by the President his New York City office was wired tapped by the Obama Administration a disgusting clash of ideologies and criminality has reveal its ugly face. Obsessed with power the former Oval Office occupant’s plan is to undermine his successor with demagoguery and false allegations. As Obama’s efforts to subvert President Trump move forward democracy is actually strengthened. How? The electorate has a front row seat displaying that a small group of radicals want to bring America to its knees. Knowing the majority do not want to live in a country that produces nothing and is debt ridden is no consequence to them. Their agenda comes first. Donald Trump will survive every onslaught these diminished individuals bring to the steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The question is are you with him or against him?




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Cold War revisited with the Russians


A great hysteria has emerged from the cauldron of Democrats still lingering in Washington. Most liberals had their egos deflated after the November 2016 election. Reviving their idiosyncratic methodology, which requires them to deride conservatives, Democrats have latched on to a nonissue, Russian contact. Claiming Trump and his subordinates had backroom discussions with Russians to enable the President’s election liberals of the lowest denominator are making groundless accusations. This includes Trump’s campaign team covertly met with high ranking Russian officials then hid the facts of these contacts. Jeff Sessions, the newest Attorney General, is now under fire for withholding data from the nominating committee. Sessions explained in detail his two meetings with Russian officials which occurred long before Trump took office and he became the highest ranking legal officer in the nation. Nothing short of Trump’s head will satisfy their thirst for conservative blood. Trump needs to concentrate on the people’s work not the nonsense continually thrown in his path. The Russians may be coming or going, but Trump is staying. Mark Davis, MD onandoffthehill.com  platomd@gmail.com  Manager of Best Copy Editing, Proofreading and Writing.




Trump Triumphs before a Joint Session of Congress




In an enlightening speech that stretched over 1 hour, before a joint session of  Congress, Donald Trump solidified his place in history as the 45th President. Bold, visionary and inclusive the President hit all the right marks. Cloaked in stupidity  opposing Party members sat while the remainder of the audience stood more than a dozen times in appreciation as the President announced his initiatives. From repeal of Obamacare to improvement of the military President Trump touched upon an array of fixes for a nation needing repair. As the President covered many of the actions he has instituted in the last 30 days the Democrats could only grimace knowing the mess Trump inherited was their fault. Especially emotional was the eulogy President Trump gave to fallen Navy Seal William Ryan Owns as his widow look down from the gallery. The ovation to follow may have set a record for length. Tribute was also given to the father of a fallen hero, a women who worked her way out of poverty and a young lady who survived a life threatening disease. Nothing was too trivial for the 45th manager of this country.  Trump shined tonight (2/28/2017) as the country looked on. The question remains how far will the Democrats go to gridlock Trump’s initiatives? From my humble perch the dingbat party will go to the extreme.




Mark Davis




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Conservatism the endpoint of liberal failure




Revisionists are already hard at work planting information in the weak minded that Barack Obama was an excellent president. They will tell you in every category the former President was the envy of the World. Yet antithetically he comes in at the bottom of many reviews. Liberal reality can be measured in many ways. From murders in the streets of decaying cities controlled by Democrats such as Chicago and Baltimore to unfunded liabilities seen in California and Connecticut the liberal failure is evident. Irony is those wrapped in a liberal cloak believe the World around them is fine though the evidence points the other way. Hate for conservatives is a natural outcome of liberal failure. Conservatives get the job done more efficiently, on time and under budget. In other words they conserve resources, plan ahead and pay as they go. Liberals by nature are obstructionists who see progress in inches instead of feet as the right wing model displays.


The stench of Obamacare is the most glaring failure in the liberal camp since the election of Jimmy Carter. Sadly the Democrat Party moves further left each decade.




With the election of a Populist President the intellectually defunct opposing party has placed roadblocks for any and all legislative efforts proposed by the current Administration. Prior nominees for Obama were whisked through the Senate at a near record pace. The opposite is true for Trump appointees. Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer has called all Trump nominees less than friendly names. Schumer’s outright denigration of anything Trump not only displays an innate hostility toward the President his socialist leanings have surfaced as well. Liberalism works for a finite period of time, no more.




Nearly a trillion dollars was allocated to rebuild America under the prior Administration. Where did the money go? Roads, bridges, airports, tunnels and more are in worse shape than ever. Who directed the use of these funds? That’s right Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and a cadre of Democrats who are incompetent as politicians and failures as human beings. For the latter reasons these demoralized shadows of people realize if Trump succeeds the Democrats’ scheme of misappropriating money from the treasury will be outed. Redistribution of wealth was the ultimate goal for this trillion dollar reconstruction effort orchestrated by Obama. In Maryland there appeared to be an uptick of sales in high end vehicles by some socially irresponsible groups who hold Medical Assistance cards.  Unaffordable housing suddenly became affordable. Schools beyond the reach of inept minds began opening the doors to a cash laden population. Reparations had become a reality. Liberalism only works when the pain of paying falls to the other guy. America was shafted in the past 8 years now the payback is occurring and  liberal minds cannot accept the new reality.




Opposition to Trump, both before and after the election, continues to move forward by a small group of individuals. Their message is amplified by a media that sees only blue. Tortured by their November 2016 loss we now view the outcries of a party that has lost its footings and needs Prozac paid for by a new conservative health plan. Ultimately the liberal mindset fails when they deplete the one thing required to keep them afloat, money. President Trump’s reorganization of government structure and function will lead to many liberal programs unfunded and or abolished. This should have happened long ago. 2017 will be the year of the conservative. Have no doubt the partakers of welfare from Uncle Sam will be rioting, protesting and calling for the President’s impeachment because the check will not be in the mail.




Mark Davis



Manager of Best Editing, Copy Writing, Proofing and Book Reviews.



Hollywood Supports Terrorists




Academy Award show should have been a night of revelry and mirth instead of a politicized disaster. Replete with comments which supported terrorist regimens leftist Hollywood elites could not pass up an opportunity to besmirch the President. Close examination of their statements display a group who truly live in La La Land. Iran was given the stage last night. This is a country which murders Christians, Jews and those of other faiths because their religious convictions are antithetical to Iran’s Muslim beliefs. From the host to the lowest on the acting totem pole a deluge of hate speech poured from those who are not initiated in history, international politics or commonsense. Celebrities have empowered themselves to be the voice of our national government with an unpatriotic and self-absorbed agenda. Academy Award show has become their yearly pulpit to carry out their actions. In reality we saw last night (2/27/2017) a group, whose average educational attainment barely reached the 12th year of high school, comment on immigration policy. Many of us knew ahead of time rhetorical nonsense would flow from the celebrity crowd to a yearly declining audience. A cure does exist to strike at the heart of celebrity impropriety: hit them in their wallets. Then and only then will the left of this radical town move more centric. Please comment: good, bad or indifferent.  Mark Davis: manager of best book reviews, editing and proofreading.  platomd@gmail.com








     Debate rages on whether a paid book review can benefit an author. Opinions go both ways. More experienced writers shy away from paid reviews because they attract sufficient publicity when they release a work. Another mindset which encompassed a majority of people I canvassed on this subject believed paid reviews are beneficial for them. The latter reference is supported by a vast array of people advertising themselves and or their companies which perform reviews on a fee for service basis. Kirkus is one of the best know companies performing book reviews in nearly every genre, whether fiction or nonfiction. The need appears more expansive than large companies can handle. Enter the multitudes who now review for a fraction of the costs requested by their big brothers. One or more good reviews can ignite sales especially on a platform like Amazon which leans heavily on these written advertisements. With these facts in mind unpaid reviewers still perform a majority of the work.




     Book clubs and groups on social media sites offer free reviews with a caveat.  I will review your work if you review mine. More frequently authors will give a free book in return for a review. Novel Blog Community requires reviewers to purchase a book in the hope more paid work will be generated from the author. The latter model is risky and not utilized by many people. The question arises: What is the quality of the unpaid review? There is no difficulty ferreting out the professional reviews from the rest. Amazon’s open book forums display commentary after each book they have for sale. Superficial nondescript reviews entice no one to purchase a book. While paid reviews generally are introspective, descriptive and usually more extensive than their counterparts and literally jump off the page. Who should obtain paid reviews?




     Named authors are not likely to benefit from a paid review. Their fame generates sales. In this category there is a small contingent of people. For the larger group, including this writer, a well-designed and introspective review or reviews can generate sales and place the author on the literary map. For those who just put a pen to paper for the first time good publicity in the form of a paid review may help distinguish his or her work from the hundreds of thousands who publish yearly.




Digital electronics has opened up new means of reading books and other literature. With the introduction of the Kindle, Nook and other devices larger audiences have access to your works. Discerning which books to read may be enhanced by a summary utilized by Amazon or other sellers. This service is accomplished by a paid reviewer who discusses the gist of the book on sale and hopefully places it in the best light. My argument is there is a wide spectrum of uses for commercial paid reviews which are available from very competent people. Before purchasing a paid reviewer’s service review some of his or her work. Excellent reviews stand out flat reviews fail to attract readers. Careful selection of a reviewer will go a long way to promote your book.






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