Abuse in Medical Licensing in Maryland

E-book entitled Anatomy of a Medical License Revocation is in the works. Once you see the proof, through multiple documents, the abhorrent nature of medical board abuse will be apparent to you. Medical Boards have become politicized entities whose followers, mainly lawyers, act like cockroaches fighting for scrapes. There appears to be competition amongst state medical boards to see who can sanction more physicians. The immediate story concerns the Maryland Board of Physicians whose corruption is profound. Mark Davis MD

America Shafted Obama Rewarded


                                     America Shafted Obama Rewarded






Recently announced Barack and Michelle Obama will receive upwards of 65 million dollars for their presidential memoirs is both stunning and horrifying. During his term in office former President Obama led a scorched earth policy. Every institution, tradition and industry were nearly burnt to the ground by a man with profound ineptitude and incompetence. Under Obama’s tutelage the Nobel Prize became an insignificant relic of bygone days. Executive Orders demolished any sense of collective legislative effort by Congress. To be rewarded by a radical left, who would say or do anything to see President Trump fail, is an absurdity wrapped in irrationality. The little guy receives no golden parachute yet pays for the financial failings of a former President who was never ready for Prime Time. Luckily there has been a change. Mark Davis MD platomd@gmail.com


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On April 6th 2017 Donald Trump went from being an extraordinary entrepreneur to a Warrior President. He sent a clear message to the World that America is back, do not screw with us. I am beyond the word proud to be an American. Bashar al-Assad is nothing less than a present day Hitler. I sadly viewed the pictures of women and children dead and or dying from gas poisoning in Syria. My only regret is a cruise missile did not find its way up the backside of Assad. God bless America. We stand tall as our enemies fall. Mark Davis MD. platomd@gmail.com


Deception in Editing Land


Recently I saw an ad from a high end book review and editing company on Facebook. This ad’s deceptive flavor needs to clarified for all those who gravitate to its contents. Flowing with claims it will miraculously help authors have their books placed on the New York Times best seller and other relevant lists is just plain false. Few books make it to this list and the way sales are calculated for this list is questionable. Yet the unnamed high end book review site’s fees are double and even triple charged by those with equivalent and or higher levels of experience for reviewing, proofreading and editing. In my opinion be wary of book review sites with flashy pictures and questionable written content.


Superbbookreviews.com provides an excellent service at markedly reduced fees. With more than a decade of experience in proofreading and writing book reviews/critiques the author obtains exceptional service, promptly completed at  much reduced rates than those from the giants. An additional bonus, for no extra charge, the review is published on multiple internet sites for maximum audience exposure. Please review samples of this work on one of our webs sites, superbbookreviews.com. We work for authors who work for their readers. Please contact Mark Davis, MD for fees or questions. platomd@gmail.com







Maryland’s toxic Board of Physicians has hurt too many for too long. This Administrative entity has a vast legal structure imposed on it to regulate physician function and performance with one caveat, these legal guidelines are not obeyed. Believe it or not the Board of Physicians (Board) has run an illicit organization, for several decades, with minimal to no supervision by the Maryland State Legislature. I have observed first hand this Board’s determination to harm a physician though the facts of the case moved in a different direction than charges imposed. “Enumerated below” are many not all reasons why current Board members and administrative staff (many of whom are lawyers) should be removed from office and investigated by legal authorities who sit beyond Maryland State’s borders. This scandal is more than a civil rights issue. Instead it is one of corruption in a State entity that has gone unchecked for far too long. With thick cronyism in play, judges who will defend the Board even when the evidence is against them and worst of all an Attorney General’s Office complicit with Board hierarchy time has come for an independent open investigation of their malicious behavior. The list that follows is drawn up from personal circumstance inflicted on Mark Davis, MD. A book is in preparation, with documentary evidence, confirming the incredulous journey one physician had, through 2 episodes of malicious prosecution with this corrupt entity, will be published soon.




1)    There is no set standard of medical record review in the files of the Maryland Board of Physicians. Therefore the Board can create any false narrative about a medical record they choose.


2)    Highly paid medical vigilantes review records for the Board. These physician reviewers are engaged from the private sector, given immunity and lie with impunity. I will present documentation in a forth coming book displaying the Board removes medical licenses under false pretenses.


3)    The Court of Special Appeals legislated from the bench that one physician reviewer is sufficient to have a medical license revoked. The regulations as written require two physicians to agree “standards of care” were not met. If two physicians have opposing views a third one is required to be brought into the dispute. In the author’s case of the two physicians utilized one noted this author followed the standard of care. The second physician, who did not practice dietary medicine nor had any special knowledge of this field consistently lied during a judicial hearing, as the transcripts display. Worse he was engaged from a company sued by this author previously.


4)    Knowing the facts in number 3 how could anyone draw up a charging document against a physician when one state reviewer noted this author did not violate the known “Standards of Care.”


5)    The Attorney General’s Office is deeply rooted in the scandalous behavior of the Board. One specific attorney from this office, Robert Gilbert, in his official capacity, fabricated charges against this physician as noted in number 4 to start a prosecution against this physician.


6)    Though the Board’s own judicial arm the Office of Administrative Hearings found for this physician the membership of the Board flipped the decision and gave this author a 3 year revocation which they changed to permanent status after he applied for reinstatement and passed a national test.


7)    The Maryland Board of Physicians is managed end to end by lawyers. From its top Executives to their review arm.  Trashing physicians is their speciality without regard to observance of physicians’ rights.


These enumerated malicious activities and many more, at the minimum, need to be brought before a State of Maryland Legislative committee empowered to review this administrative entity. Abuse of authority is evident. Does the evidence rise to the level of felonies? I would submit this to be the case. In the end patients suffer needlessly for this indiscriminant use of authority. Perhaps in the near future the true nature of the Board’s scandalous behavior will be revealed to all and as a result appropriate prosecutions may occur. My question is will Maryland Courts once again provide immunity for the Board’s illicit activities.  More to come.

Mark Davis, MD


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The Martian Factor


The Martian factor




     For centuries people gazed at a red dot in space called Mars. With the advent of telescopes early astronomers believed they saw canals on the surface of this world. Canals meant water and water meant intelligent life existed there. As time went by technology enabled humans to discern those shadows on the surface of Mars could be dried river beds not structures built by native beings. Yet the search for life became an obsession with scientists hoping something more than bacteria called the fourth planet from the sun home. Movies such as War of the Worlds and the Angry Red Planet established a trend in thinking that all aliens want to kill us, especially those from this red dot. With numerous robot explorations no forms of sentient life have been found so far therefore I suggest we will not be conquered by aliens in the near future. Interest in this planet has not diminished. Within the next 2 decades or sooner humans will be walking on the surface of Mars via the good graces of a billionaire and or a nation state. We  may have the ability to travel there now, yet should we risk humans in this endeavor. 


     Mars fever seems to be raging within the pool of the extremely wealthy. Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, backs a company called Blue Origin that has set its sights on a Mars landing. Space X, founded by Elon Musk, is on a parallel course with Bezos for the same goal. Not to be outdone by private citizens NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is working towards a solution for a Mars voyage. These private efforts fail to understand the complexity of a Mars trip. NASA is the only agency, perhaps in the world, which is equipped to send and retrieve astronauts from Mars’ hostile environment and toxic atmosphere. Private efforts under consideration would send voyagers on a one way trip which is unacceptable in this author’s opinion. Yet the exploration bug has been transmitted to many others with less means. With the release of the recent Movie, The Martian, a generation has awakened to the possibilities in space. Nevertheless a few hurdles must be pointed out before the first voyage begins.


     Intense radiation will affect those chosen to make the six month journey towards the red dot. Scientists have not yet developed shielding protective enough to disperse this radiation. Preceding DNA degeneration astronauts will confront several physical deformities. These include accelerated cataract formation, weakened muscles, electrolyte imbalances and softening of bones. Extended visits on the Space Station have produced these effects. Assuming these challenges can be overcome this long interplanetary journey will encounter dozens of hazards which may befall our astronauts. Science requires more research before people embark towards this new horizon. Yet the crusade to move off the Earth is moving fast.


     The Martian factor is those circumstances which preclude a trip to the Red planet presently yet will be overcome as the science strengthens. Interplanetary travel is a few decades away. Those who rush to the door for this adventure will only find tragedy in their wake. Billionaires are pushing this dream but will they personally risk their lives in order for this voyage to become a reality. If not the adventure to Mars will have to stay within the realm of science fiction for now.




Mark Davis, MD




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Suicide Politics: Supporting the Unsupportable




Juggling numbers to validate a point in a discussion is nothing new to those on the left. Obamacare was passed into existence with lies and persists by the same methodology. Claiming millions would be hurt when Obamacare’s claws are finally removed from the health system is nonsense. Many who moved over to Obamacare were members of the Medicaid set originally and as a point of reference this charitable benefit still exists. Whether 15 or 20 million will lose health care coverage via Obamacare’s demise is irrelevant. This group has government programs to help them. Left out of the equation are 200 million people whose private health insurance costs moved into the stratosphere because a very bad piece of legislation was signed into law in March of 2010. Political dynamos want to substitute another piece of trash legislation in its place. Gladly it failed on the first go around.




Slowly filtered out of the dark corridors of Congress were bits and pieces of another potential health care disaster. Intraparty politics amongst the Republicans doomed health care reform before President Trump took office. Sub legislative caucuses each wanted their own version of reform to pass. With no clear consensus political leaders failed to convince sufficient numbers to side with the pending disaster placed before them. Therefore a vote, for now, has been tabled until party unity is achieved and hence a viable health initiative can be formulated.




Omitted from the debate is the human element. Under the canopy of health care reform politicians have forgotten the medical personnel and patient population affected by their twisted legislative proposals.  The whole purpose of this legal exercise is to bring health costs down not elevate personal egos. Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has shown he is an ineffective leader yet he will not vacate his position to someone with foresight and marketing skills. Moving legislation forwards requires certain aptitudes not displayed by Ryan. Since Gingrich is not available perhaps someone of equal talents will step forward.




President Trump was a CEO of a major corporation. His ability to get the job done was not a problem because one mind established policies and the rest followed suit. In Washington Trump must contend with 538 people who have a stake in each piece of legislation and its final outcome. Welcome to Washington D.C. where gridlock will affect the best of intentions, as President Trump has displayed. No one could have predicted the President’s own political party would be the obstructionists, yet they are. Many of these depleted minds must confront their electorate base back home and they are mad. Lindsey Graham’s recent Town Hall discussion exemplifies the hostilities awaiting many others when they attempt to explain the failure to repeal Obamacare.




A string of career suicides will follow for neglecting to keep campaign promises. My perspective is Trump will go directly to the American public and point out who blocked health care reform on his side of the aisle. The delay in repeal and replace Obamacare will be indelibly marked on the electorate’s mind. Yet I believe President Trump will not be hurt by this failure because he will make sure people know he gave it his best.  




Mark Davis, MD


Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster


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obamacare cover


Pictured here is part of the cover from my book Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. This book was mocked when it first came out by many in power presently. They do not mock it any more. Dead on Arrival generated many radio interviews yet Fox refused an interview unless “big bucks” were handed over to them. The book foreshadowed the disastrous outcome for a piece of health legislation that was never ready for Prime Time. Jump forward four years to view a legislative effort whose shadow is no different than the horrific law it is suppose to replace. Wherever you stand politically replacing one disaster with another is just wrong. Similar to Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement “we will find out what is in the legislation onced it is passed into law” the same will occur with the current offering. I am glad it was rejected. As a conservative I am disappointed Congress could not do better. Mark Davis MD manager of bestproofreadingeditingbookreviews.com platomd@gmail.com

obamacare cover

Mind Food

Mind Food
Bahai followers believe that a life which had too many shadows cast down on it will be further from the light of God. The more shadows the further the distance. It is the human soul not God which will determine where its final resting place will be. Mark Davis, MD
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Books have lifespans. Some last for a few seconds in time others a literal eternity. A book review of note and some advertising may be all that is needed to move it off the digital shelf. Maybe the time has come for a professional book review. Mark Davis MD manager of bestproofreadingeditingbookreviews.com  platomd@gmail.com