Time for Mueller to Move on

The rampant perversion of common sense continues. Mueller has now overstepped his mandate by acquiring Fourth Amendment protected documents owned by the Trump transition team. This step and several others maybe the nidus to wish Mueller and his team, good-bye. It should be obvious to most by now that Mueller and his teams’ actions are not to root out Russian involvement in American elections. Their sole purpose is to find anything to impeach DT. The President’s lawyers may take significant action against Mueller soon with DT’s backing. From this perch the Special Prosecutor appears biased and does not know in which direction to proceed, other than an illicit one.

Sexual Harassment 101

The tidal wave of sexual harassment allegations continues. Some over 40 years old. Aging nymphets are coming out of the closet claiming this guy or that guy did something inappropriate with me. Yet she had a sudden memory of the events decades later. When will this bull shit stop? Women are beginning to see repercussions of their endless onslaught of accusations against prominent people. How? There will be much less work in places these women prefer to be. Screening of them will be much tougher. Dress guideline will be enforced. Try flaunting your front or backside and out the door you go. Rules of conduct will be enhanced contractually between both sexes and much more. Three more prominent people received their pink slips recently on mere allegations. Guys that date, peck on the cheek, pat on the back or whatever you may be enticed to do will be thrown in your face in the future if your prominence level rises. Maybe one of you would like to write an e-book on this subject, it is very interesting.


The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting versus Celebrity Diets

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting versus Celebrity Diets

There are an enormous number of celebrity diets on the market. They can be seen in book formats, infomercials and other media presentations. Taking a close look at these programs, some not all, appear neither healthy nor as weight reduction programs. Purporting one can eat pizza, chocolate cake, lasagna and other delectable dishes and lose weight is highly suspicious. Assuming the latter is true the health consequences of such foods, especially in diet mode, have weak foundations.
Enter The Fat Zone Diet into the mix. This unique diet utilizes the latest weight reduction techniques in its menus for rapid safe weight reduction. Utilizing The Fat Zone menus is simplistic and once learned can be used on any occasion. Dieters no longer have to worry about eating away from home. The menus allow for variation in food protocols allowing the dieter choices at his or her favorite local restaurant. Diets have two elements. The first is weight loss which is the essential reason for The Fat Zone’s creation. Second the diet should be extremely healthy which makes The Fat Zone especially attractive.
Physicians have begun to take note of this program and are recommending this diet to their patients. We encourage all in the health community to study our program closely. They will find well designed menus allowing the dieter to see quick weight reduction.
Before you spend “five times the price” for a diet displayed with a polished presentation try one designed by a physician for maximum effectiveness, The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting.
Mark Davis MD platomd@gmail.com



Forensics of Medical Record Review

Forensics of Medical Record Review

In-depth medical record reviews are no different than hunting for the perpetrator or perpetrators of a crime. Attention to detail is a must to get the maximum benefit from the review. The review process is initiated long before the medical chart is sent to a reviewer. Reviews are requested for many reasons including gross negligence, reimbursement failures, overcharges for services rendered, insufficient medical care, insurance issues and other suspected deficiencies. Once a problem is discerned a well-trained medical records’ reviewer is tasked with elucidating the issue. At this point we become involved.

Decades of experiences dealing with insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical boards and similar institutions have provided this author with the skill set necessary to ferret out facts leading to a resolution
of the initial problem. The reviewer is a detective for hire who works for those victimized by a system that has become too big for an individual to manage on his/her own.

Please contact Dr. Mark Davis at platomd@gmail.com or through the review site medicalrecordreviewer.com in the event you are requesting a review. Our fees are competitive and the work is promptly performed.

The Fat Zone a Physician Recommended Diet

The Fat Zone cover

The Fat Zone a Physician Recommended Diet
The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting embeds many areas of research into one weight reduction program. The food menus are designed for rapid safe weight loss. This diet program builds on its very popular predecessor The Millenium Diet, The Practical Guide for Rapid Weight Loss. The new menus offer a greater variety of food choices yet stays within the bounds of one of the healthiest diets on the market. This e-book is designed to be thorough yet concise. There is no long winded reading involved. The diet is easy to understand and can be varied to suit a person’s needs. A section on new concepts in weight loss is eye opener. The author has included a chapter on the most frequently asked questions by dieters. The reader will take away from this book a whole new perspective on weight reduction, nutrition and facts concerning lifespan extension through dieting. If your physician is not aware of this program please let him know so it can benefit others. Available on Amazon and other e-book retailers.


SPEX Course: Concentrating on Questions, Answers and Content

SPEX Course: Concentrating on Questions, Answers and Content

One of the most difficult and unfair exams a physician will ever be requested to take is the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX). State Boards’ of Physicians request this exam when a physician has been away from practice for a time period and or there is a question of competency. The spread of information is so vast that comprehending the complete subject matters involved in the exam’s questions is nearly insurmountable.

Literature published by the Federation of State Medical Boards, the originator of this unfair test, is elusive at best. Books sold on the open market are generally antiquated or out of sync with the current exam. Therefore a course was needed to concentrate on potential questions offered, answers to the questions and general content the test taker may encounter.

Passing the exam is possible with proper preparation and guidance. Doctor Mark Davis tutors specifically in the Special Purpose Exam. His experience with numerous physicians who have encountered the SPEX test is invaluable when applied to tutoring future examinees.

To contact Dr. Mark Davis for an appointment, fees or general questions please use the following email: platomd@gmail.com Do not enter this exam without knowledge of its contents which Dr. Davis can provide to you. Thanks.

Timing is Everything


                                        Timing is everything




A patient came into the office very distraught many years ago. Emotions were visibly set on her face. At first she refused to state the issue since she was in for diet advice only. She eventually opened up noting the intense argument that recently occurred with her mother. The patient was in her mid-twenties and taking light anti-anxiety medications prescribed by her Internist. Though she refused to discuss the contents of the argument I gave her one small piece of advice. No matter what the argument is go to your mother and say I am sorry. You never will know what lies in the future for both of you. Several months later she returned to my former office and stated: “How did you know.” I said “ how did I know what.” “My mother would die unexpectedly.” Obviously I did not know her mother would die. The conversation went on for several minutes. The point is the future is owned by no one. Therefore take the high road by relieving the tensions you may have with a loved one. The coming Holidays are the best times to say I am sorry and move on. This short story is not unique yet it taught this author a great lesson in humility over the years. Mark Davis MD manager of superbbookreviews.com  


Sexual McCarthyism versus Sexual Harassment

Sexual McCarthyism versus Sexual Harassment

From a legal perspective the sexual purge now under way in America will feed many hungry lawyers. Claims by women of sexual harassment, rape and sexual intimidation should always be taken seriously unless they fit a format which puts their credibility into doubt. Accusations that are decades old which appear to be rehearsed must be questioned. Sadly the truth falls on both sides of the fence. Before we run someone out of town or take their work from them perhaps the alternate side should be heard too. Rushing to judgment never works and never will. Mark Davis MD
manager of superbbookreviews.com

Democracy in a Can

Democracy in a Can

Democracy faded in America when political ideologues put party before country. Enervated by egregious forces which sought to displace American Idealism with corrupt policies the nation moved into an abyss that stifled free enterprise and will. Under “their” plan only a few would profit over the many who are subjugated by impenetrable legislative disasters. Presently taxes and health care initiatives oppress a population with a burden which gridlocks our wallets and our personal safety. In order to see the light once more cultivation of a mindset is needed to unify and not divide a nation which had eight prior years of catastrophic reign. Those who lost their way in the 2016 election are touring with a nonsensical rationale that something bad happened on that day. From this perch an intervention took place, whether divine or terrestrial, which moved us out of our stagnated environment. The swamp is being drained but the shadows of prior alligators are ever so present. There are two ends to the tunnel. Let us hope the nation moves to the end that invigorates and enlightens our future.
Mark Davis MD, platomd@gmail.com