Radio Guest Mark Davis MD Available to Discuss Politics Healthcare and Science

Mark Davis MD

Radio Guest Mark Davis MD Available to Discuss Politics Healthcare and Science

Washington is in chaos. Forces in and outside the government are seeking to make Donald Trump a one term president. Business as usual has come to a complete halt as politicians fear the new player in town. Leadership has finally come to our Capital City and the political vermin are scrambling to get out of the way. Politics has taken a new twist where America finally focuses on its own needs instead of others. The only collusion out there is in the deluded minds of an opposing party which continues to live in fugue state because they lost the
2016 election. Doctor Mark Davis brings his unique knowledge to bear on current issues whether politics, health care or science he always keeps the audience enthralled.

Author, journalist, physician and radio consultant Dr. Mark Davis MD has been on numerous radio programs discussing Politics and Science to Health care and Current Events. Dr. Davis’ writes for many media platforms to elucidate and extend on the most important issues of the day. His Books Demons of Democracy, Obamacare Dead on Arrival a Prescription for Disaster and many others describe how government has failed to provide cogent programs to help the very people they are required to serve. Dr. Davis is hated by lawyers yet loved by the public for exposing the indecencies in this professional group. He is available to be a guest on your program. Please contact Doctor Davis by email or phone.


Maryland Saturated with Crime Drugs and Corruption

Geographically Maryland’s beauty has few competitors. Behind this topographical treasure lies a reckless government which has driven this state into the desperate times it finds itself. Opioid use has risen exponentially in the last decade. Prescribed like candy by various physician controlled entities few states have more deaths from this class of drugs than Maryland. Grim statistics cannot be hidden by the pleasant smiles of corrupt politicians. Several thousand went to their graves last year as our state representatives carried on business as usual. As legislative efforts failed in Annapolis to rein in this crisis emergency rooms could not find enough body bags to manage the overflow. With the approval of Marijuana this gateway drug will bring health facilities to their knees.

Legalizing Marijuana based on quasi research displaying this substance has medicinal value displays how moronic the political class is in this corrupt state. Worse outlets to sell this chemical garbage were given over to a group of well- connected political elitists. This entitled class was provided with dispensing licenses utilizing the excuse they will bring to market a purer product than those who have not coughed up donations to their campaigns. As I have advised physicians on the radio and in my articles Maryland Marijuana laws are a minefield for physicians. Liability will be placed on the heads of physicians once accidents, deaths and criminality related to this drug occur. As of this writing most Maryland physicians are hesitant to prescribe this Class One drug.

Maryland’s newest problem is a synthetic version of Marijuana which has been introduced into the state. Laced with poison, that causes a person to bleed profusely, numerous hospitalizations have been reported around state. As usual the most vulnerable are affected. Adding to this problem is the vast number of people dying from alcohol, drugs exclusive of opioids and chemicals favored by the addicted class, as reflected in the daily emergency room census of each acute care facility. Kudos to acute care health personnel who have done a magnificent job in the face of great odds inflicted on them by wayward politicians, a medical board that does not properly oversee its physician hoard and a pharmaceutical industry that pumps this crap into the state.

In a circuitous way many profit by the massive drug and alcohol problem left uncontrolled by a government that supports this catastrophe. A vast social-welfare system would be undercut if these addicting chemicals were to leave the scene. No doubt there are pockets full of money that do not want Maryland cured of these ills. Therefore politicians discuss the drug problem openly yet few move to correct it. Corruption is solidly embedded in Annapolis and the administrative entities it empowers. The answer is simple. Until we remove the scum who sit on the high seats in Maryland deaths will continue to mount and the next one could be one of our loved ones.

Mark Davis MD


Patient healthcare has changed dramatically. Diagnostics and therapeutics have taken giant leaps in the last several decades. Unfortunately the personal side of medical practice has changed, in many cases, for the worse. Health Insurance Companies encourage medical practitioners to reduce medical/surgical intervention where they can to save a dollar. This is done in the name of quality of care. Physicians may be penalized by hospitals and insurance companies for ordering too many therapeutic interventions, laboratory tests and procedures. America has been flooded with physicians whose training and experiences may not be up to par. As a result of these factors and many others medical mistakes are made, some of which have horrible outcomes. A forensic medical record reviewer can ferret out and define any perceived mistake, provide an explanation for that mistake and direct the patient who to contact for rectification of the problem. Mark Davis MD has reviewed thousands of medical records in his career and is available to review yours. Please contact Dr. Davis by email: or through his website for expedient attention to any question you have. Thanks. Mark Davis MD
Credentials: Retired Internal Medicine Physician fully cognizant of the legal
and medical systems who his available to help people uncover medical mistakes.



Before purchasing flash cards, antiquated books, irrelevant lecture series and other SPEX support systems check with a tutor who has inner workings of this unfair and complex test. Many of our best physicians have taken this test and failed. Failure rates are a closely guarded secret yet it is known physicians have taken this test multiple times and continued to fail. Mark Davis MD has interacted with many who have taken this extensive exam. Dr. Davis can steer a potential examinee in the right direction in his/her studies. Study paraphernalia could be a waste of study time because they can misdirect the efforts of those who purchase such materials. Dr. Davis has tutored an array of people by providing to them type of question content to expect, subject matter to direct the examinees efforts and overall content of this exam. Medical Boards and the Federation of State Boards do not provide much information to help potential examinees. In many cases Medical Boards do not provide any information relevant to this exam.
Dr. Mark Davis is available to help with your studies and guide you towards a passing grade. Please contact Dr. Davis at:



SPEX Questions ask a Tutor who knows the Special Purpose Examination




Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is complex, difficult and unfair to those required to take it. Many people who contact me have already been in practice for decades when their respective medical boards issue them an order to take the SPEX. State Medical Board’s provide little to no information on this test. Federation of States Medical Boards does a very poor job in their literature describing this extensive test. Books on the market are generally antiquated and not in tune with the 336 questions on this exam. Going into this exam without guidance has been to the detriment of many physicians.  Failure rate is very high with many candidates taking this exam  multiple times. Hire a tutor who knows this test through the feedback he receives and his intrinsic knowledge of this exam. To contact Mark Davis, MD:  Fee is hourly and paid through Paypal.                                                       


Blighted Corrupt and a Regulatory Nightmare Maryland has seen better days

Blighted Corrupt and a Regulatory Nightmare Maryland has seen better days

Maryland is a distressed state. Submerged in crime, drugs, onerous taxes and legislated efforts to control every action of its population, the Old Line State needs realignment. Baltimore, Maryland’s largest City, has the unique distinction of having the most murders in the country, based on population size. Opioids deaths reach into the thousands with the rate continuing to rise. Recently legislated efforts to put Marijuana in the hands of a large segment of the populace will only add to the addiction crisis. To complete the State’s nightmare the government, along with its Governor who ran on a Republican platform yet acts like a Democrat, are choking businesses with onerous taxes and socialistic style legislation. Maryland is a mess. Every segment of the State needs mending. The quick answer to Maryland’s problems is to blame the federal government and President Trump. Yet, the true nature of Maryland’s problems, are home grown. They are caused by feckless politicians who ignore their decompensating state to keep the flood of entitlements flowing. Taxes, crime and bad legislation are on the increase as Maryland victimizes its businesses to keep the cash streaming into State coffers.

Nobility is not a trait of Maryland administrative entities. Honor left these cauldrons of deceit decades ago. Managed by political appointees merit has left the stage leaving behind an obnoxious stench of social conformity. Medical care is has suffered throughout the Maryland by an influx of lesser trained foreign physicians. Worse the Maryland Board of Physicians is managed similar to the Politburo of the old Soviet Union whose Executive head is nothing less than deranged in actions and words. Along with a corrupt Medical Board the State Government is pushing to keep Obamacare alive by levying high fees on insurance companies to assure a free ride for the entitlement crowd. Paradoxically those fees will be passed down to those of us who already pay extremely high insurance rates. For the illicit entries into this country Maryland has a gift for you. Once you acquire your illegal driver’s license the State intends to automatically register you to vote in order to keep the Democrats in power for eternity plus a week. Maryland’s dishonest government, from border to border, is a liberal’s dream and a nightmare for private businesses and those who work outside the government. In the event you are considering a move to this state think twice and see a Psychiatrist. Maryland has nothing to offer except left wing courts, untenable crime, outrageous taxes and oppressive regulations that keep your pockets thin while fattening those of politicians and their political appointees. Remember this reporter told you so.

Mark Davis MD


Special Purpose Examination is a complex test given by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). This exam is designed to fail. Too many of our colleagues sit for this test two, three or more times. Antiquated literature on the market misdirects potential examinees with questions that do not come near the substance on this unfair exam. SPEX is unfair because much of its subject matter is not incurred in daily practice or found in general medical readings as claimed by the FSMB. SPEX mentoring evolved to direct potential test takers towards the proper subject matter to study. Current question content is heavily reviewed enabling the potential examinee to direct his/her studies in a more efficieint matter. Dr. Mark Davis comes in contact with many who have recently taken this test to keep the information he provides current and up to date.
Please contact Dr. Davis to schedule time for SPEX test review at Dr. Davis’ fee is based on an hourly rate.

SPEX is Revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses

SPEX is revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses

Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is a test constructed in hell to punish physicians who were either forced from practice or allowed their licenses to lapse. Constructed by the politically active Federation of State Medical Boards, this test’s contents covers more than a dozen subjects. Federation officials claim general medical reading should allow one to sit for this test and pass, untrue. The failure rate is extremely high with many examinees taking this test two, three or more times. Medical Boards provide no insights or preparation to enable physicians to pass this strenuous examination. Literature provided by the Federation concerning SPEX is misleading and provides minimal help to the potential examinee. Books, pamphlets and test question material on the market are out of date, as most physician find out after their first failing grade. This is where a SPEX tutor/mentor is very helpful.

SPEX tutors/mentors can guide the potential examinee in their studies, both by reviewing question content and current test subject matter. Studying for this exam takes much effort and preparation time. With the help of a SPEX tutor/mentor, such as the author of this article, those efforts will move in the proper direction. Looking for help to prepare for this arduous exam please contact Dr. Mark Davis, MD who has helped many physicians in their quest to pass SPEX.

Dr. Davis can be reached at: Dr. Davis fee is charged out by the hour and well worth the expense, as expressed by SPEX examinees who utilized his services.

Obesity’s worst enemy The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting

Obesity’s worst enemy The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting

Move past brand name celebrity diets. Now there is a great alternative, a diet which does not require you to purchase premeasured or prepared foods. No waiting for the doorbell to ring in expectations of your next meal. No writing large checks to cover food costs for products that you may find unappetizing. Finally no credibility problems having to believe a celebrity lost x amount of weight in y amount of time eating lasagna, pizza, chocolate cake and greasy meats. The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting has self-contained menus to enable the dieter to lose weight rapidly and in a very safe manner. This modern up to date program embeds the latest in the science of nutrition to allow your weight to melt off quickly. If you are considering a diet utilized by a caveman or one by a former sports figure, you can do better. No special foods to purchase, only nutritious foods from your local grocery. Give yourself a present by dieting with the The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting, obesity’s worst enemy.

Mark Davis MD
Author of the Millenium Diet.

Collusion Obstruction and Confusion Mueller’s Quest to Dethrone Trump

Collusion Obstruction and now Confusion Mueller’s Quest to Dethrone Trump


Robert Mueller should never have been appointed as special counsel. A very weak and timid Jeff Sessions, the current federal Attorney General, recused himself from investigations into perceived Russian meddling during the 2016 election. This opened the door for Mueller to walk through. With a limited mandate and an army of leftwing lawyers the special counsel has turned up nothing of substance implicating President Trump’s complicity with those nasty Russians. Mueller took it upon himself to expand his limited mandate reviewing decades of Trump business activities and his associates. Several inconsequential indictments have been levied though nothing that touches the coat tails of Donald Trump. Democrats desire Robert Mueller to continue his trek to nowhere indefinitely, along with a few putrid Republicans. Mueller’s Gestapo tactics must be limited and or permanently impaired. Time to disengage Mueller from this evidently fraudulent investigation otherwise the Democrats would have truly won the 2016 election.


Mark Davis MD