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President Trump speaks in three voices; economic, political and personal. Each of these three voices conveys hope in a time of hopelessness. Donald Trump came along when specious rhetoric from the opposing party tried to fool a nation that all was well. Political opponents threw darkness in his path yet candidate Trump pushed back with a fervor not seen in a generation. America was coasting downhill with no fix in sight. President Trump’s strong hand, steady mind and voice of reason came along to repair the mess as he described the conditions left behind by his predecessor. The Trump effect has infiltrated the minds of everyone who hears his words. Pleasing to most his three voices direct a former sad populous in the right direction. Trump’s naysayers are anarchists, celebrity degenerates, paid agitators and a dumb down populous. Consider Donald Trump the wealthiest repairman who every visited your home. In office for under one month Trump has already undone the tragedies performed by former President Obama in 8 years with more improvements to come. As I stated before we need Donald Trump more than he needs us.  Mark Davis MD


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Maryland State Legislature is required to oversee its Board of Physicians, yet they don’t. Utilizing the most illicit means to remove a physician’s medical license has become an art form for a Board oblivious to due process, established precedent and the law. More than incompetence the Board has deliberately skewed due process to fix outcomes no matter where the facts lead. From the day a physician is handed a charging document fraught with falsehoods to his final seconds before a politicized medical board the outcome against the doctor is predetermined. I am one of many victims of this malicious entity which works with a corrupt Attorney General’s office to assure outcomes that should never be.




Maryland Physicians go about their practices never aware the Administrative entity which controls their licenses is corrupt and will falsify data to deny their ability to practice. In my specific case a charging document was drawn up against me whose author, Robert Gilbert Esquire from the Attorney General’s Office, knew ahead of time his document was baseless. The State required in 2006 that a charging document have two physicians certify another physician is not competent to practice. If there was a dispute between these two physicians a third was required to intervene. In this physician’s case one of the two medical doctors reviewing for the Board had written a document stating that he reviewed my medical records and found no deviation from the standard of care. Mr. Gilbert knew this fact yet he wrote a malicious report about this physician never using the third physician as required by regulation and orchestrated with his second paid physician to misrepresent my medical records. The second physician in this case had no experience with the evidence in the purported charges. He was a shill.  Even worse utilizing twists in Board regulations I was not allowed to put on a defense at the Office of Administrative Hearings. Under the umbrella of this judicial anomaly the Administrative Judge still found for this physician. Unfortunately the Board reversed the Judge’s ruling and gave me a 3 year revocation. They, meaning the Board of Physicians, had committed another fraudulent act among many.




After the 3 year revocation was completed I was misled into believing that my license would be returned to me if I passed the SPEX test. On or about September of 2016 I passed this test though the Board did not provide any literature stating the contents of this exam (more on this in another news piece). In December 2016, after submitting a lengthy application for reinstatement, I was invited before the Board to speak. The Attorney General’s representative, the person who falsified the initial charging document ( Robert Gilbert), was present. The misrepresentations about this physician were ugly, untrue and based on hearsay as Mr. Gilbert stated them in front of a half dozen Board members. I was given a few minutes to speak. Six weeks later I received a negative response in part stating I was not contrite enough before this panel. They believe that I did not supply enough evidence that I would change my practice habits. Worse I was told in writing the Board would not entertain any further applications from me for reinstatement. Horrific as this corrupt Board’s stance is they are trying to cover up their own tracks.




In the event members of the Board of Physicians reinstated my medical license it would be an admission their rationale for revocation was false, malicious and misdirected. More details will come out as a book in preparation will display. Including solid non disputable evidence the Board of Medicine is as corrupt as a 3 dollar bill. For any questions and or comments I can be reached at  This article will be posted on several national news sites I own and a compilation of the events surrounding my medical license history will be published in the near future. May God have mercy on those who lie to maintain their position in life and or want to move up the food chain on others peoples’ backs.  Mark Davis, MD




Queen of Hollywood believes she is Queen of America




Meryl Streep is unquestionably the most awarded actress in Hollywood history. Sadly she feels empowered to strike at President Trump whenever a convenient microphone is nearby. Streep’s political rants have made news recently especially her tirade at the Golden Globes last month. Leaning heavily to the left her commentary appears all over the map. From immigration to her reckless imagery of President Trump’s character she does not hold back in her personal attacks on him. Hollywood celebrities, with the exception of a few, lean heavily to the left reflected in their overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton. Ms. Streep’s bold denigration of our current President was answered in kind by the focus of her hateful narrative. Trump Tweeted that Ms. Streep is overrated as an actress. Many would agree with him. Nevertheless Ms. Streep, who believes her wealth and position in Hollywood gives her free reign to direct hateful rants towards our  newly elected leader, is wrong and should be reined in. Day to day this selfish woman does not come into contact with Obamacare, exposure to terrorism, packed flights at airports, illegal crimes and more. As long as her staff cleans her mansions, nannies her kids (if not grown), takes care of her gardens, runs errands and other actions that others perform for themselves she moves along in life untethered by norms we address daily.  Where was her voice when fifty people were killed in an Orlando Florida last summer? Where were her vocalizations when 14 people were murdered by terrorists in her over taxed state of California several years ago? Her silence on these and other acts of terrorism was deafening. Now we have a leader who desires to rein in those who could cause more tragedies against all of us and this wretch of a human being attacks him. Ms. Streep should take her rants to places they would be accepted, like the Middle East. They are not welcome in the New America. Mark Davis MD, please follow us at our Website:



Consistent in behavior as always the Democrats are demanding an inquiry into Russia-gate, there self-created scandal. I am still waiting for the results of the Democrat investigation into the IRS when this agency was used to hammer Republicans while the moron-in-chief was still in office. This is one more open attempt by the Democrats to undermine Trump. It will not work. Trump solidified his presence as a World leader today by hosting Netanyahu of Israel. His predecessor made Netanyahu and entourage leave by the back door. Sadly Obama and his holdovers in various governmental agencies will make it tough to govern. I see mass firings in the near future.




Juan Williams Time to Seek other Pastures




   Sometimes I cringe when listening to Juan Williams speak on Fox News through their various media outlets. Mr. William’s brand of news must inject a bit of darkness no matter where the discussion leads. His strong background working for various news organizations such as the Washington Post and National Public Radio belies the fact he never seems to be prepared for round table discussions or one on one interviews. Race relations, in all its formats, is always on the plate when Juan is in the room. Fox News’ goal to bring balance to their presentations does not excuse them for the many nonsensical statements brought to the air by Mr. Williams. Fact and opinion appear to merge when Juan’s turn to speak arrives. He legitimatizes Democrat actions in the Congress by drawing on fallacious and or misinterpretations of historical events.  Juan sees life through the filter of racism. There is no doubt about his Party affiliation. Juan is 100% Democrat. Hillary’s criminality, no problem for Juan. President Trump’s attempt to keep America safe is impugned by a man whose mind goes in only one direction. I once saw Juan smile. His grimace paralleled that of Lurch from the Adam’s Family. Perhaps Juan Williams has out grown Fox or vice versa. Nevertheless in the very small event I watch Fox programming if Juan is present I move on. Mr. Williams stop stating opinion as though it was fact. Brush up on your elocution skills and above all please stop adding a tinge of racism to every discussion. Mark Davis MD, manager of On and Off the Hill at:



Big apology is owed to Ivanka Trump from the left. Levels of harassment never before seen of a sitting President’s child are being directed her way. As a champion of women’s issues Ivanka is out in the forefront. This harassment includes but is not limited to verbal assaults on her at the airport, gym, in a commercial jet, of her line of clothes and paraphernalia  in the media and more. She deserves all the respect and dignity anyone else would expect under the circumstance she encounters. President Trump has every right to defend his child and he will. Ivanka I am one person who is sorry this is happening to you. Mark Davis MD








Former President Barack Obama energized the media with his weekly scandals, blatantly confusing rhetoric and the devious nature in which he managed his office. Barack Obama’s passing into history is tantamount to a pin hitting the floor, it’s barely audible now. This article can only touch upon the myth created around an ineffectual leader. As we know myths become legends and legends become whispers of a past that never happened.




Egregious leaders are usually colorful, self-absorbed with egos that define who they are, no less for the former President. Many questions still surround Obama’s background that continues to haunt us today. Why was his school records kept from the public? How did he manage to obtain entrance to Harvard Law School? Who were his financial backers?  One can clearly state a cloak of secrecy enveloped him early on keeping inquisitive minds at a distance. During the hunt to identify who resided in the White House the hunters were stonewalled at every turn. The greater irony was the alphabet soup of media outlets were in the tank for him right or wrong. Those who took an antithetical view to Obama’s stated goals found themselves diminished and or out in the street because there was no tolerance for the truth under the then reigning monarch. The game was who would Obama harm next as he cheated the country out of a well-deserved treason trial.




Against all odds the country did not fall into a World War as Obama destroyed relationships with the few friends the United States had left on this planet. Israel was blatantly rebuffed. Russia was cast as the ultimate evil empire ready to tear into us without notice. China was given the keys to our country as they dumped commercial products on our shores creating massive trade imbalances measured in hundreds of billions. Incompetence cannot be measured. In the event it could Obama’s IQ would be beyond the ability to quantify. The former President’s actions eviscerated this country. Nobel Peace Prize was given to him yet no peace occurred. Trillions stolen from the treasury to reconstruct the country yet infrastructure is still decadent. Health care access and delivery are a mess after spending hundreds of billions on a program designed to lose.  Race relations are infinitely worse since Obama took office for deliberate reasons among them were his blatant hate for every tradition and institution which made this country strong. Ineptitude follows those who spread their wings but have no ability to fly. President Obama could not fly nor did he have the capability to perceive the detriment he caused the nation.  As the toxic cloud of Democrat rule diffuses the left will attempt to stifle the new President’s rule with a collection of measures designed to cause gridlock. President Trump will succeed, as the left, shocked by a loss to him, moves further into oblivion.  Yes, tens of millions will miss Obama for the day to day entertainment his incompetence provided. Now that he has moved on the level of Prozac intake has already gone down exponentially as we look forward to rational government once again. Give President Trump a chance you need him more than he needs you. Mark Davis MD manager of Best Book Reviews,




Politicization of the Maryland Board of Physicians




Few administrative authorities in Maryland are as corrupt as the State’s Board of Physicians. Delegitimized by a cooperative effort with the State’s Attorney General’s Office physician licensing is mere numbers game to them. Utilizing blatantly false evidence in association with paid medical vigilantes medical license revocation has been brought to a high art form in this very blue state. I have been through this process twice. Each time the lies and misrepresentations by the medical board get deeper and the litigation longer. Facts get in the way of their ultimate agenda to sanction as many physicians as they can. Though the State government has provided a level of safeguards for physicians being inspected by the medical board these regulations are generally circumvented. With the help of a judiciary hostile to physician plaintiffs the medical board tends to obtain decisions favorable to them no matter where the evidence lies.




In my first confrontation with the Board of Physicians in 1990 the author was not aware of many facts at the time. Two physicians who came to review the author’s work at a nursing home he managed had perjured themselves in documentation and at an administrative hearing, were not in the same field as the author and had no authority to review him. Worse these facts and others were hidden by an eager Attorney General’s Office managed by J. Joseph Currans trying to be reelected. When the author had an opportunity through Freedom of Information request to see the documents that included these embedded facts he filed a lawsuit. To cover up the unlawfulness of his office Attorney General Curran’s representatives quickly enabled the author to regain his medical license on or about 1995.




In the author’s last go around with this corrupt entity one of the two Board witnesses engaged by this administrative entity sided with this physician as well as the judge in the Office of Administrative Hearings.That was not enough for these cretins who decide physician licensure. Their appointed lawyer, Robert Gilbert from the Attorney General’s office, brought charges knowing that one their expert witnesses completely disagreed with the charging document’s contents. The Board turned around their own judge’s ruling giving the author a 3 year revocation. Then on request for reinstatement, after passing a national test of clinical knowledge, was denied a license. To wound the author further the Board’s director wrote to the author not to reapply again. Corruption in this entity is not to be taken lightly. My case in not unique yet exemplifies a process that destroys careers even when there is minimal or no root cause.




Attorney General’s Office is supposed to bring factual data to the table when taking a case against a physician into an Administrative Hearing. In this physician’s case that did not happen nor was he allowed to defend himself because of quirks in Board Law. Nearly every rule of judicial and Board etiquette was circumvented to obtain a result that never should have ended in the way it did against this physician. Maryland physicians who have been dragged through the mud by the Board and the Attorney General’s Office are aware of the intrinsic


unfairness embedded in the civil prosecution of physicians. Doctors have few rights and even fewer abilities to effectuate a positive outcome when confronted by a Board that has lost sight of its reason for being and a judiciary in the tank for the Board. There is much more to this story including a massive amount of money that went unaccounted for from the author’s nursing home when the State intervened in its function in 1990, 157 patients who were displaced from their long term home, 160 workers who lost their jobs and more. Deceit unparalleled by a sitting Attorney General and misrepresentations to the public to keep his backside in a government post he did not deserve were at the forefront of this malicious prosecution. This story needs to be told in an evidence based manner and it will. Mark Davis, MD.